Music video: Mariah Carey - Oh Santa!

Mariah could not look any more pregnant if she showed us her fallopian tube with one hand and waved an iPhone displaying a picture of her sonogram in the other. Mariah looked really cute and is carrying pregnancy nicely though.

We've seen these types of videos done before, with Andre 3000 probably having done it best with "Hey ya!". But Mariah did good here. This is one of her best videos in a good while. I was not liking any of the videos she did for Memoirs of an imperfect angel, E=MC² and The emancipation of Mimi. "Oh Santa!"'s music video was fun, festive, added to the song, and looked like it actually cost more than the retail price of the album it's promoting.

"Oh Santa!" won't go down in history as "All I want for Christmas" already has done. But it's a great Christmas song, and I envision it being used in commercials and TV spots for a good few years.

Damn this bitch for making me feel festive!


  1. Imma get into my jimmy choos, put on a tight santa outfit and put up my tree tomorrow in homage to MC.

  2. This a cute song and she does look and sound great. She's actually tastfully dressed for a change.


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