Music video: Rihanna featuring Drake - What's my name?

The video was as boring as hell. And the red wigs just get more and more ragged. The colour suits The Forehead, but the styles always look she just stepped out of Chris Brown's Lamborghini. The Forehead and Drake make a hot couple though and their on screen chemistry was cute. But we all know these two used to f**k back before Rated R. The Forehead was mad to break it off with him. Them lips... I bet they work magic.


  1. I agree that the vid was kinda boring, and Rihanna please what was with those nasty granny tights? LOL >_<
    Oh yeah i orgot she was fxckin Drake, maybe that's why he made up his relationship with Lesbian Nicki Minaj? But Rihanna is hotter anyway, seriously over the past month i've started to think she is seriously hot O_O she has amazing boobs! if i wasn't gay i'd be all over that lol, Drake... not so much... although he does have nice lips.

  2. something in me really likes this song! the play count on itunes keeps going up and up and up because this is on repeat! i prefer ri ri's solo version because i don't think drake's bars are all that impressive this time around, but it's still a good song nonetheless...

    and @FUTURESTAR - what are you talkin about boy?!?! ri does look great, but other than his far-apart eyes, drake is fine! his voice, attitude, and he has sexy hands too. baby boy got enough swagger to let you know he can back up all that he's sayin in that song and MORE! oh lord, let me stop before i get worked up...

  3. ugh... Drake looks weird... like a fish and i have a fish phobia so i can't touch that lol X_X


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