Single art: Michi - Love is

Michi has a pussy on her head. And she looks as rough as a dog and doesn't give a f**k. I think we have a contender for best single cover of 2010. The Klaxons would be proud.

One of my favourite J-Pop ho's (I use the term endearingly) will be dropping some new shit in...yep you guessed it December! Unfortunately it will not be a full length album, but an extended player titled Love is. The set will feature 3 original songs and a cover of a song from The Offspring. (Whatever happened to those guys!?)

MiChi is signed to the same label as Crystal Kay. So I imagine MiChi's forthcoming studio album will feature all of Love is's songs when it drops in 2011, as well as all of her early 2010 singles. I'm rolling my eyes like dice at the thought. Because once Love is drops, MiChi will have released enough material to fill 90% of an album.

I've liked all of the singles MiChi has released so far. "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~" is my pop banger of 2010. "Wonder woman" B-Side "Strong man" was way too good not to be an A-side. And "Dance dance!" was chronically slept on despite being an absolute gem. So I'm expecting nothing but good things from Love is.

If you've not checked out MiChi's debut album, then be sure to. It was easily one of the best releases of 2009. Such a great album that still gets regular plays from me. I kinda regret not giving the album a 10...


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