Crystal Kay performs a festive classic and her (flop) single "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~".

Sony bothered to holla some holiday dolla at Crystal and have her promote her shit, by actually having her perform "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~". It's about f**king time!

To tie in with the festive season, Crystal also performed "White Christmas". Correction: performed the hell out of "White Christmas". The richness her voice has gained over the years makes me want to wash a bitches hair out of love.

I love how Crystal masterfully performed "White Christmas", and made it look easy. Perfection. Bitch should have just dropped this in a studio and put out a Christmas album. Shoot.... She already had the album cover sorted! But I won't go into that shit again. As for "Journey", Crystal went Buffy style and slayed that shit. Although I would have loved to have heard Crystal be backed by violinists and cellists instead. It would have made the whole thing pop more, and made me cry.

I love how Crystal's songs always manage to work when they're completely stripped down. Over the course of her career she's consistently opted for acoustic backings for her more intimate performances, and I love that she continues to do as such.


  1. -___- It pisses me off when crystal's album don't perform well on the charts because I feel that vocally crystal is the best in the Jpop game right now, and this performance demonstrates this. She sang both these songs so well and with so much emotion. I actually perfer this version of journey. For some reason when she sang the line kimi dake WO on the studio version her voice sounded strained, but here she nailed the note perfectly.

  2. I wish I could marry her. I'll settle for an autographed poster or a hand touch during a concert, though.


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