Britney tweets she'll be dancing in her "Hold it against me" music video. Uh-huh...

Straight from the horses mouth.

Jonas Ã…kerlund is notable for his extensive work with Madonna on her tour documentaries and several of her music videos. He has also shot music videos for fellow pop artists Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and P!nk.

Britney needs to hold true to her tweet. I hope a ho remembered what dancing is. Because her Circus tour indicated she had no clue what it was at all. Even if this video turns out to be whack and Britney's dance steps are as stale as month old bread, her fans 'n stans will still defend the hell out of it and claim it's the best thing since Jesus resurrecting in a pink Louis Vuitton interiored Hummer. Expect me to tell it how it is when this video drops. I will not be satisfied unless Britney's weave and outfits are correct, and she is dancing how she was before Kevin sperminated her.


  1. no no stans still expect brit to pull that old swag, especially when she tweets about it and we see she's back with choreographer brian friedman. his ass don't play and his choreography doesn't either - if britney wasn't bringing it, he'll probably tell her about herself or threaten to pull out of the project. believe me. i auditioned for the man and remained one of the few dancers unscathed from him shouting that he needed more style or that someone needed to go back to technique class.

    and apparently she'll be wearing some indian inspired fashion in the vid. how that relates to the song, i don't know, but we'll eat it up nonetheless.


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