Crystal Kay cancels her Spin the music tour...

What do Christina and Crystal have in common? Both bitches had an album bomb in 2010 and cancelled a tour. Yup. C to da K's Spin the music tour has been C to da ancelled.

The reason for Crystal's Spin the music tour is due to her being diagnosed with acute nephritis; otherwise known as 'terrible album sales'. Or in medical terms 'inflammation of the kidneys'.

This sounds serious. And I don't want to be sceptical. But I can help but wonder... Is she really ill, or is this a ruse to cancel the tour in lieu of how badly Spin the music has performed. I said from day one that Spin the music would be spinning so low at the bottom of the Oricon charts, that nobody but Splinter and his ninja turtles would be able to hear it. And now a tour gets cancelled!?

Everything surrounding the Spin the music's roll out was a mess. In fact...shit was a mess from her Best release. "Girlfriend" not getting a music video and an official single release was a missed opportunity to cash in on BoA's popularity and get Crystal a hit. could even say shit was a mess from as far back as Color change!. "It's a crime" was the perfect song to service to Western audiences in the hopes of expanding Crystal's fanbase at a time when fellow J and K-Pop were beginning to get some form of notice in the US. But Sony music Japan dropped the ball...again!

I hope whatever Crystal's situation is, that she makes it through okay. She has a lot of time on her hands to think about shit. And now is the time for her to start making some decisions. If she's content with releasing albums just for them to bomb, then she can just put her feet up and keep blogging about her nails and books she bought off of Amazon. But if she wants that worldwide recognition and to perform outside of Japan (as she's said on numerous occassions that she would like to) then she needs to tell Sony to act right and get a new team around her. Because the current set up is not working. After 10 years in the music game Crystal should be way above and beyond where she's at in her career now. And she herself needs be coming to that realization if she hasn't already, and be trying to do something about it.


  1. Not that I know her of course but she dosen't strike me as the type of performer or person who would lie about a serious illness (Although I could see a record company doing something like that). If the tour was cancelled due to poor sales I think she's tough enough to take the lumps. No artist puts out great material every single time. Regardless of the poor sales I was looking forward to hopefully seeing this concert. I think she really is ill and I hope she recovers without incident.

  2. I dunno if she's ill but i just wish she'd find a new label that will FUCKING PROMOTE HER i mean, her label didn't even get her any TV performances until the album had already bombed..
    I really hate labels that screw over tallented artists..

  3. I also think that this is the record comapny's doing. It seems as though crystal is falling off as of late. Ever since All Yours I feel like her career has been going at a steady decline. She needs to follow in the footsteps of her BF BENI and drop the label shes with and maybe get with Universal. I'm worried about Crystal and her career because if she doesn't do something soon her career will be over faster than spin the music's time on the oricon charts. First Utada (my fav artist) is going on hiatus, and now things don't look so hot for crystal (second fav). I don't like what I'm hearing. Looks like I won't be hearing any new music worth listening to for a while. I hope Namie drops a hot album soon.

  4. I hope Crystal Kay gets her shit together soon. She needs to drop her current record compant & get with ppl who will PROMOTE her effectively. She should've been over here in the US a long ass time ago and cud've received the recognition she deserves. I read long ago in an article interview w/CK tht she claims America expects a lot from their music artist. According to her, You (as in the *music artist*) have to be able to: Sing, Dance, & present yourself well on stage. Well if thats the case then all this bobblehead needs to do is learn some choreography from a choreographer from America. Such as: Wade Robson, Gil Dualadao, Jamaica, Darren Henson, Rhapsody etc. She can already sing well & keeps the audience engaged. This shit is ridiculous. You wud have thought she'd be doing much better then she is now. I'm sure Utada Hikaru controls if not 95% of her contracts w/ppl @ least 85% of them. And she writes her own music too. All C to the Kay needs to do is put her foot down & demand some fuckn R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Dam is that so hard? She's 25 fuckn yrs old & can't even do an international tour? Whats up with tht? I like her as an artist, she needs to drop tht Japanese Epic records; whose full of shit & perhaps get two new companies to contract with. How bout Virgin Records here in the states & a diff 1 in Japan. That can & will double HER promotion & staus as an artist. She's too dam passive for me. I hope some common sense comes to her soon; or else her music career is gonna be done faster then she can blink. And from what I've read & heard Japan is too dam expensive to be broke. Especially if its citizens are financially struggling already. CKay doesn't even have a steady job w/a regular income. Bitch better take her ass to nursing school or any other trade University in Japan & get her B.A degree & license. I sympathize w/her @ lil bit. But enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  5. It upsets me so much when I see what's happening to Crystal's career. I think that she is highly under-appreciated in Japan and should have been crossed over to the US. She started her career at the same age as BoA did. However, BoA goes on to super-stardom while Crystal's name is barely mentioned when she can definitely sing better than BoA. Crystal Kay would definitely have an easier time transitioning into the US music scene than other Asian artist due to her not having to deal with the racial/language barrier. I hope that her medical condition improves and she makes the necessary changes to her management in order to get her career back on track.

  6. She should've been over here in the US a long ass time ago and cud've received the recognition she deserves.

    Being in the US doesn't mean automatic recognition. It might help her chances but by no means is anything guaranteed. There are tons of talented artists who have never (and probably never will) been given their due (I still think of you Kiley Dean). While on the other hand, there are plenty of talent-less bitches running around the industry with labels who work for them and fans that will buy their shit up by the truck loads.

    To jump on the recurrent theme, if she wants to transition to the US, she needs a label who will support what she wants to do and actually wants to invest time and money into her. I think she's talented enough and she's got the look. But she also has to take control herself. I'm sure making such a drastic move will be a hell of a risk but that might just be exactly what she needs. Unless she's content with where's she's at in her career, it might be worth it.

  7. Crystal Kay is probably one of the biggest disappointment in J-pop to me.

    I love this girl, what the hell happened after Koi ni Ochitara. It's like Crystal disappeared or something.

    Girl get your shit together.

  8. I have to agree with what everyone has said. Words cannot express how much I love this girl. She has a good 20 songs in rotation on my ipod, but this stand still in her career is getting to be too much for me to handle. I couldn't have put it better myself when someone said that she has way more vocal talent than a lot of artists in her age range, and it is ridiculous that she isn't bigger than she is now.

    She should be putting BoA and Koda to shame right now, but instead she has flopped albums and canceled tours. If Crystal doesn't do something when she gets better, I'm going to fly down to Japan and drag her ass to a record label that treats her with the respect that she is worth. Also, I am throwing her in some choreography classes too. Her next video needs to be on point. Just when I thought the girl was going somewhere with Flash (who knew she was hiding washboard abs under her clothes all this time), things have to make a turn for the worst with Spin the Music. I still love and support my girl Crystal, but I am seriously concerned for her future in music. She needs to take note from an India Arie song and GET IT TOGETHER!


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