Crystal performs "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~" on Music lovers

Crystal appeared on Music lovers with her good friend fellow singer (I use the term in her case loosely) and actress Yuko Yamada, where she did a short interview and then a performance of "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~". Whilst Crystal did not perform an acoustic rendition as she did before, she switched things up nicely by being supported by backing dancers waving bed clothes around. Watching Yuko sing along to the song in the crowd was really sweet too. Bitch knew all the words!

Crystal once again delivers a lovely performance of "Journey". But it's too little, too late. She should have been dropping these performances sooner. Crystal is not at that Ayu or Kumi level where she can save all of her performances until after her album drops. She needs to be going US style and hitting up TV shows beforehand to garner interest. Needless to say, Spin the music is a flop and pretty much a wrap. A real shame. Because whilst I'm not in love with the album, "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~" was a great single to finish the year off with, and there a couple of pop gems on the album which would make killer singles. Well...killer singles in the care of a label that actually gives a shit about making singles hits.


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