Jessie J blows on the New York subway

Everybody kept going on about this chick and I honestly couldn't hear nor see what the big deal with her was. I think "Do it like a dude" is trash. But this right here caught my attention in a big way.

"Do it like a dude" is a good lead single choice to get people talking and garner Jessie J some attention. But it's not the best showcase of her as a singer. So with "Do it like a dude" having done what the label hoped it would do, hopefully they will eventually release something which shows she can sing and really shock people. Because I had NO idea Jessie had such a voice on her until I watched this. The song was pretty weak, but the vocals were serious business. Kinda made me wish Kiley Dean was in the game for a hot minute.


  1. J, if you want something that showcases her voice more, check out "Who You Are". It's beautiful and I think you'll really like it.

  2. Woops. This is "Who You Are" haha. Commented before I watched the video. Well, you could also check out her performance of "Do It Like a Dude" at the BRIT award launch party. Just her and an acoustic guitarist. It sounds fantastic!


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