A monitor shot of Britney in her "Hold it against me" music video

The weave is looking correct. And Britney is looking into that camera like she wants to give it her vagina. Sell that damn sex Britney. SELL IT!!!

Britney had better dance in this video like the custody of her two sons depends on it. I want to see a bitch moonwalk, do a back flip, slide 3 metres across the floor on her knees and pussy pop with a snake around her neck and Tarantula's crawling all over her titties.

This video needs to be special and get me back into the song in some capacity. Because I'm already done with it. "Hold it against me" is one of Britney's most throwaway and forgettable lead singles in my opinion. And the video needs to shut shit down to counter that. 


  1. lmao. Your not messing around huh J ? You know exactly what you want form britney, I hope she can deliver. x

  2. i think she'll bring it....

  3. I have a feeling she's gonna bring it, she's been in rehearsals she looks hot and Brian Friedman is saying she's back on form so i'm on my knees PRAYING that Britney is gonna shut this shit DOWN like i know she can.
    OMG this is like Toxic on roids, i remember watching the making of and then the toxic video when it first came out! so excited XD


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