Namie announces ANOTHER tour. God damn...

From the Best fiction tour, to the Past future tour, now onto the stadium tour. Bitch stays on that GRIND! I'm happy that Namie has the tour bug and that she's gettin' that Yen. But I feel as though she's spreading herself as thinly as watered down wasabi. She really does need to siddown, take a break and look after her child.

Alongside this fresh new tour, Namie will also be releasing a collaboration album in March. I'm not too sure whether it will be a collection of her past collaborations, or if it will be a fresh album of new ones. But Namie will be dropping a CD for fans to cop in stores. I'm hoping it's a disc of all new material. "Black diamond", "Rock U" and "Fake" are as played out as hell.

Hopefully she'll throw it back to Suite chic, which was a pretty hot album despite being so underground and getting zero recognition.