Single art: Britney Spears - Hold it against me

Tweeted from the ho herself.

Britney always looks decent on her single covers. Well, except the Blackout single covers. But we'll let a ho off seeing as she was, ya know...f**king crazy. But I always find her single arts to be boring. The same goes for her album covers. They always look like crap. And there is never any consistency with the fonts. At least she got the hair and nails did though. I don't know how child care protection let her near them kids with her weave looking like it's battling infestation, and her hands looking like she's been digging in a mine in Mexico.

Britney's new don't-call-it-a-comeback single "Hold it against me" is set to premiere next week. There's a demo of the song circulating, but sources are claiming the final version will sound hella different. I hope so. Shoot... I even hoped the demo was fake (Britney confirmed it was very much real). Because whatever I heard sucked balls. There wasn't one thing about it I liked. Britney usually comes correct with the lead singles, so we'll see.
♪ If I walked out with a ragged weave
And tripped and almost dropped my new baby
Lost the swagger I had in '03
Would you hold it against me? ♪


  1. *DEAD* at your lyrics X_X LMFAO

    I heard the demo too and quite liked it although it didn't have the propper chorus in it (apparently) but i think the final track will be better, you know Britney doesn't mess and the same thing happened with "Womaniser" people wern't feeling it and then when the final version came out it was No1 right away.
    I think this will be No1 too the anticipation for this single/album is mad lol

    I agree her single covers are usually pretty standard (this included) but at least she looks good and i hope the album cover will be amazing.

  2. I heard that demo. I was rather displeased. How the hell does anyone go from having exotic club bangers with the hottest producers on Earth (Pharrell, Danja), to typical 2010 Jersey Shore club fare? Let alone, with a name like Britney Spears!?

    I hope this is just a buzz single.

    And, I'm with you on Britney finding a bit of consistency with her album designs. If I was an artist, I'd have a logo trademarked and ready to stamp on every album I make. Logos build brand equity when actions can't.

  3. i've never been a big fan of brit's covers (tho i sincerely loved the britney and in the zone album covers.) the demo was underwhelming, but i know the official will be much better and hopefully not the 2010 jersey shore club fare that frederick very fittingly said about the demo.

    all in all, i doubt it really matters. us brit stans are biting at the chops for some new britney, be it good or bad. this baby is going number 1!!!


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