Willow whips hair on New year's eve

Willow performed at Dick Clark's new years' gig and she made chicks in the game today look redundant. This little girl is too much. She has grown folk whippin' hair. Even dudes with no hair be whippin'. Check out this performance of her hit single. She switched things up nicely by opting to perform the remix version of the song.

The original is hot enough to get everybody moving in a club. But the thugs, n***a's and ballers will step the hell out of kicks to this remix. It's BANGIN'! Oh Lawd. I prefer her live performance of it to the studio album version. The way she sang certain sections of the song and switched up the notes made it more dynamic, thereby making it sound better. Plus, there was no Tinie Tempah. Why he was on the remix on the first place is beyond me. An official verse from Nicki Minaj would have been killer! Barbie, if you're checking this out; take your pink ass wig and fat arse to the studio and make it happen.

I love watching Willow perform because she always looks like she's having fun and does such a great job. She's putting seasoned bitches to SHAME with the swagger. Rihanna best hold onto that red mess of a wig for dear life, because Willow will snatch it before she has a chance to glue it down and whip it.


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