53rd Grammy awards: Backstage snaps

As cool as the performances were, it was the backstage snaps I found most entertaining. There was lots of mingling between celebs, lots of wearing of black and lots of smiles which actually seemed genuine. Well...aside from Lady Gaga, who looked like somebody just pissed on her Church hat. Backstage at the 53rd Grammy's in selected snaps and commentaries - after the jump...

I'm not sure whether this songwriting credit stealing bitch looks good, or like a messy white girl from Jersey shore. This one picture just made me want a new Beyoncé album real bad though. Columbia will probably release it when other chicks' album cycles are mid way through, so they can have the Beyondroid initiate 'clean-up' and f**k up their future single releases. We all know whatever this woman drops as a lead single will be a worldwide smash - even though it'll probably sound like some elementary shit she's done before. The blonde wig is too horrendous. I can see the lacefront from here. But I want a Beyoncé album too much to care. Bitch can do what she likes. Just drop that album by Christmas. I'm surprised Jay-Z even let Usher near Beyoncé. I know he warned these two about getting too close after B opened her legs for the Ursh in that "Naughty girl" video. But I thought he would have filed for that restraining order to keep them apart indefinitely after that shocking chemistry was put on display between the two during their performance of "Bad girl" on Usher's Truth hurts tour.

Look at Jennifer Hudson's waist. Now look at Christina Aguilera's. Whose is bigger? Crazy right!? Christina looks a fried out mess, but she always does. Using Paprika as a skin bronzer and not running a comb through the hair is not a good look. Although, her album did bomb so badly that it broke records, broke her marriage and broke her discipline to keep away from the ice cream cabinet at Walmart in the process - so I'll let her pass.

Jayden needs to kill that look DEAD. When people are mistaking you for your younger sister, you know it's time to change clothes and roll. And I don't give a damn how young he is. Leopard print bottoms with leather jackets gotsta go!

I love how Justin is all in white and is the whitest boy in the joint. And then right behind him you've got brother darkness all in black. Head to toe, Darth Vader'ing it up in the corner. Justin's mum looks nice in that dress he probably paid for. But she should have gone with a dress that came with some strapless cup support. Because gravity is working overtime on those titties. I can't tell if she's clutching her purse or her breast. It's probably a bit of both.

Gwyneth looks GOOD! She's been starting to look hot since embarking on her "music career" and spending less time with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Chris does look like the type of man who would sap the hotness out of a woman. The music alone would have been enough for most. Some of those Coldplay albums are like suicide soundtracks. Who would've thought her and Beyoncé would end up best friends!? I wonder what their conversations are about?! Beyoncé doesn't seem the type to hold a good, lengthy conversation; unless it's about cereal, Popeyes or how lazy them bitches were in Destiny's Child. And Gwyneth seems as boring as toilet roll.

This picture would have been so precious, if Lady Gaga showed some form of f**king emotion and actually smiled. In her defence, she was probabaly petrified. Petrified at the thought that Willow could potentially snatch her wig, and then snatch every single one she has hanging up in her tour bus. Just watch how this little bish breaks record when her album drops. I hit the club last night and "Whip my hair" came on. Everybody went MAD! Hair was whipped, even by bald n***a's.

This isn't Rihanna's most flattering photo, but she still looks aight. Her and Drake need to just be a damn couple, after they pretty much f**ked on stage. How could she resist a man with those lips and the bedroom eyes!? If she needs a man to go downtown with a girl like her, she needs to grab Drake by the back of his head and take him there. I hope for her sake he can last longer than the 20 minutes he claims in the song though. And if his stint on the stage was anything to go by, dude has lousy rhythm in the waist department.

I just felt like posting another picture of Beyoncé and Gwyneth. Because both these white girls look good. Oh no, wait... And DAMN Seth Rogen has some some serious weight!

Photos: Beyoncé poses with Usher & Lady Gaga, plus other backstage Grammy moments @ Neon limelight


  1. LMFAO J you're a god damn mess!! lol Beyonce was looking like a jersery shore cast member. Lada gaga was def void of any emotion. Jennifer Hudson is looking type right!! lmfao I would def take her by that new slim waist and dagger the hell out of that!! ha ha beiber's mom's tities were going down south for the winter lol I wish I was in drake's position ha ha I would show him what to do when you have a piece of ass like that in front of you. ha ha

  2. I don't know if I've seen Beyonce look worse. I was dying at this line:

    "I'm not sure whether this this songwriting credit stealing bitch looks good, or like a messy white girl from Jersey shore."

    XD The stans will get you for this one.

  3. Love this :)

    ""I'm not sure whether this this songwriting credit stealing bitch looks good, or like a messy white girl from Jersey shore."

    And put on a proper outfit why don't ya.

  4. Beyonce was (and has been for the past few days) a mess, she's lookin like a middle aged white crack head having withdrawal symptoms.
    Gaga looks like an old insane ugly woman as usual, Beiber looks like a lesbian and his mum is cool but she needs to get a titty lift, looks like Beiber was breast fed lmao
    All the tribute girls look great except XTina looks just "ok" but since she slayed i'll let her off, she needs to hit the gym/salon though.

    Oh... and Drake looks sorta hot, i hope he didn't fuck Nicki or i just couldn't.


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