A 30 second preview of Britney's "Hold it against me" music video

Just to titillate fans into a state of frenzy; a 30 second teaser of Britney's "Hold it against me" music video is doing the rounds, just a day before the video premiere's in full...

Those previewed dance steps looked as elementary as those in the "3" video. But I'll reserve my full judgement until tomorrow, when the video drops in it's full-lengthed glory. There is still a chance we may get all the pussy popping, slow grinding, opening of the legs, hair whipping and dancing with tarantula's on the titties that I commanded be included in this video.


  1. Just keep those expectations low J. Then the video will be good. ;)

  2. I can see this video being a case of everything being on-point BUT the dancing, and of course...the weaves. Britney's shit looked a tussled out mess in this preview. I could see tracks and smell the damn glue on that bitches scalp from here.

  3. LOL i dunno if the dancing is gonna be great (if it isnt i'll kill Brian Friedman) but i honestly think this is gonna be a great vid.


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