Album art: Jennifer Hudson - I remember me

This album cover is as boring as watching Turtle sex. But it sure is stunning. Chick must have been working shit OUT with that stroller after she gave birth and stayed on that treadmill every second she was in the crib. Even if Jennifer hadn't lost weight, she'd still look like this on the cover regardless. Let's not forget how her waist got magic-wanded and cropped down to size 0 on her debut cover.

I wonder how well this album is going to do. Because lead single "Where you at?" is a bit hit and miss, and far from an obvious lead single choice. It's certainly no "Spotlight"; which having heard again recently, forgot how much I liked.


  1. She's actually dropped about 80 lbs. Her weight watchers commercials air all the damn time. So she actually does look that great in "real life". It still looks a little air brushed though. She looks amazing but, yeah, boring.

    As for her new song: eh. Nothing about it says "single". She sounds great, of course, but it's kind of a boring song when it comes down to it. I'll be waiting to see what the rest of the album sounds like.


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