Album art: Namie Amuro - Checkmate!

The Checkmate! font is horrid! But Namie looks hot to death. Namie just sexed me without my consent with that shot right there. This woman just gets hotter with age. I don't know how she does it. I'm sure this bitch is drinking sap from the tree of life in the kingdom of Shambhala to preserve the hotness.


  1. Namie is a MILF! The oldest female in the J-pop game, but one of the best looking. Wifey number 3 lol. She comes third (lol) only to Utada and Crystal ha ha.

    1. I think Namie's better looking than both... But Hikki kinda looks like a real beauty, without make up she stills looks beatiful, just like Kumi wish she would... and Crystal? LOL Namie's by faaar hotter than Kuri

  2. She looks good from the neck up but that's it. That outfit is just horrible. Tacky to the max, LMAO.

  3. Sorry but Namie just isn't doing it for me lately it's like she really doesn't give a fuck anymore. Her styling is always so blah, how many pairs of thigh high boots and ruffly corset tops does this woman own?
    I think her hair is sapping the will to care out of her, she should just cut it it looked hot in the "Love Game" video.

  4. I think she looks damn sexy.


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