Album arts: Kumi Koda - Dejavu

Kumi Koda's album and single arts these days always seem to get the same initial reaction out of me: Why can't this ho close her mouth? But Dejavu's album art got another reaction out of me: Rock 'n' roll circus. Kumi must have raided the dustbin of Ayu's dressing room at the Music station studios to get that wig and that Union Jack inspired top.

I've not been too keen on the singles Kumi has released from this album so far, or snippets I've heard in TV commercials. "Pop diva" is a banger. But I'm already sick of the song because of how Kumi is just shouting over the beat for 60% of it. So I just play the instrumental now, because "Pop diva" is all about that beat.

The official tracklisting has been released via Kumi's official website and oddly, neither "Inside fishbowl" nor "Outside fishbowl" have made the cut. A shame that. I rather liked "Inside fishbowl"....

  1. Introduction
  2. Pop diva
  3. Lollipop
  4. Okay
  5. 逢いたくて | Aitakute
  6. Passing by
  7. At the weekend
  8. Interlude
  9. Melting
  10. Hey baby!
  11. ちょい足し life | Choi tashi life
  12. あなただけが | Anata dake ga
  13. 好きで、好きで、好きで | Suki de, Suki de, Suki de
  14. Bambi
  15. I don't love you!??

So that leaves around 5 songs for me to listen to that I've not heard before. It's all good though. I'm sure Kumi will manage to squeeze a new quadruple A-side release out of her vagina by April.

As always, Kumi's album will release in a CD only format and a special edition which comes with 2 additional DVD's containing music videos and a full live set of Kumi's.


  1. LOL i saw this and was like X_X i don't get why she's Jacking Ayu so blatently, i mean they're on the same label and i guess at least with "RNRC" Ayu came to the UK to shoot vids n stuff what does Kumi have that makes this cover fit?! They're both with Slavex too so what's the deal?!
    I havn't been fussed on the singles put out before but i do love "Pop Diva" so i'm hoping she has more instantly likealbe hits on this.

    LOL at her popping a quadriple A-side outta her Vagina.

  2. PVs for Passing By and Bambi added


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