Ayu-scutum - The Ayu & London connection continues

Ayumi Hamasaki's love for London continues. First she signed on to be the Japanese face of Rimmel. Then she went all I ♥ London for Rock 'n' roll circus. Now she's teamed up with London born luxury clothing retailer Aquascutum! Ayumi will be the face of their new trench coat campaign, celebrating the company's 160th anniversary.

Many UK based fans have seen the words 'UK' and 'Ayumi' in the same sentence on headlines, and gotten over-excited in the assumption that this will mean she will be the face of the company in the UK too. Not the case. This campaign is for Japan only.

I think it's a real shame. Aquascutum's flagship store is located on Regent street, which see's an amazing influx of tourists. Ayumi Hamasaki blown up and plastered in their store window would be instantly recognizable to Japanese passers by and also the J-music loving crowds who also populate the near-Piccadilly area. Big star attracting name aside, Ayumi is snapped is what is simply a kick ass photo. She looks amazing. One of my favourite shots of her to date.

Fans will probably buy these jackets just because Ayu is wearing them. 70,000 Yen for a water proof trench coat is nothing to them. That's around the amount they spend on Ayu singles, albums, DVD's and tour accessories in a year anyway.

Ayumi shot another campaign photo for the Aquascutum campaign, but she does that horrid mouth pursing thing in it. So I'm not posting it.

Cheers for the heads up Sarah!

Ayumi Hamasaki becomes new campaign model for UK’s Aquascutum @ Tokyohive


  1. This is the best she's ever looked, fabulous.

  2. You're very welcome J - I personally love the photo too, and yes, I would buy that jacket if it was avaliable here, she makes it look awesome.

    Plus, 160th anniversary, quite a feat!

  3. The b*tch finally closed her mouth.

  4. WOW that ad is hot! she looks amazing and the coat looks cool too. I wish this was shown in the UK it's awsome.

    BTW still waiting for my Ayu "Love songs" album to arrive ~_~ please let it be tomorrow lol >_<


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