Britney K.O's a bitch

Who did Britney knock the f**k out? Gaga or Christina? Take your pick.

Britney actually fights with herself in the video, because no other ho in the game is worth the challenge. Britney sells millions by doing nothing but tweeting once a week, taking her kids to Karate class and hitting up a drive-thru's Wendy's on a Thursday night. Jebus help the competition if she actually sang live, danced like it was 2003 and did some actual promotion. Hair pieces would be getting snatched out left, right and center; with only BeyoncĂ© and Gaga as the last wig wearers standing.

Britney needs to BRANG it with this music video. The teasers look promising; showing that we'll get some drama, a couple of flipped birds at the media, a bit of dancing, a bit of swag, Britney on that sexy game and some 'okay' weaves (I say 'okay', because the weave in this 8th teaser wasn't looking so great) - generally a video which will not simply be a re-enactment of what the song is about.

I've said it a million times now, but Britney had better DANCE in this video like her sanity depends on it.


  1. Proph her sanity is hidden away with a pack of cheetoes and a copy of Crossroads. Having said that i LOVE this crazy bitch and i know she's gonna bring it 100%, i mean this video looks like it's gonna be AMAZING :D

    When i saw this is was like MORTAL COMBAT!!!!! lol

  2. K.O. Gaga plz. She's annoying and a ripoff artist.

    P.S. Future: Proph? XD This is J you're talking to.

  3. OMG *WEAK* J better slap me for that cock up, Britney must've KO'd me too and scrambled my brain LOL


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