Britney teases for her "Hold it against me" music video

The countdown for the "Hold it against me" music video premiere has begun. And Britney's people will be dropping 5 second teasers every day until D-day. The Forehead's "S&M" is already old news now. It's Britney bitch!

Now, that set looks fly. It's like the Nebuchadnezzar on crack! I like it so much that I think her album cover should have been conceptualized somehow to include it.

Even though all we've seen is this 5 second trailer and a picture (and also a second trailer leaked yesterday which just showed...the picture) it is looking as though Britney in the media will definitely be a subject matter in this video.


  1. This looks like it's gonna be amazing, I'm seriously looking forward to this video especially the costumes, set, dancing... Oh that's the whole thing lol XD

    It does seem a bit stupid to have to wait almost 2 weeks though, 10 second clips for 7 days would have been much better but... ITS BRITNEY BITCH. lol


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