A Femme fetale joint gets previewed back in 2009

Britney's new album Femme fetale is executive produced by Max Martin, his protege Lukasz 'Dr. Luke' Gottwald and features the co-productions of Dr. Luke's new protege Mathieu 'Billboard' Jomphe.

Dr. Luke tweeted a clip of a song from Britney's Femme fatale which is produced by his current protege titled "Inside out". And it's the very beat to this song that Billboard showcased at a production competition a couple of years ago. I would play you the clip from the song, but it's super short, it doesn't even sound like Britney. So have this longer instrumental snippet which plays in this video instead. "Inside out" kicks in at 4:33.

I hope the second and third beats make their way onto Femme fetale too, because they sounded pretty damn hot. The third in particular sound like a club banger. If it was passed on for Femme fetale, then somebody should be slapped. Preferably not Britney. Bitch seems so numb and dead inside that she wouldn't feel it anyway. Although a slap may spark something in her.

For all we know, some of these other beats may still feature on the album. I sure hope so. Because Britney's vocals would set a couple of 'em off nicely. Well...if Britney actually bothered to sing and not phone over half of the vocals to the ladies who write her songs.

With Billboard on that Danja swag, I'm wondering if Danja's stuff will even make the cut unless he managed to really switch up his style. Otherwise we're going to have 2 producers on a record with the same sound, and that's not good and pretty much pointless.


  1. LAWWWD!!! Track 2 MUST be on tha f*cking album!! I love too much::: track 3 is reallly good too though!!

  2. YES! Track 3 was a banger but i still can't get over the "Inside Out" beat that is the SHIT i LOVE that and Billboard is my new fave producer atm lol
    I think it did sound like Britney in the clip too. #JustSaying

    P.S The boy in the dark blue t-shirt is cuuute :D


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