Kumi shops online for her 500 yen weaves

Kumi Koda is cheap. So her being the face of 7 eleven is the perfect match. The mystery is now solved as to where she buys her press on nails and 500 yen weaves.

The dog echoed my sentiments and feelings: Bitch, be quiet.

The song featured in this commercial is one of the tail-end songs of Kumi's 9th studio album Dejavu. And whilst I didn't catch enough of the song to form a solid opinion, my initial reaction was Meh. Between what we've heard so far, it's sounding like Dejavu will be an inconsistent collection of songs...yet again! Which means it's Kumi doing it how she always has. It really is a shame "Inside fishbowl" wasn't included on the album, as the whole fun, loving 60's pop vibe would have complimented "Bambi" and "Melting" rather nicely. We'll see how all fares when Dejavu drops. But, why do I have this horrid feeling "Pop diva" will be the best of the bunch?


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