Music video: Chiaki Kuriyama - Oishii kisetsu

Loving this song! One of Go-Go Yubari's best singles in my opinion. The song is famed for being produced by the leading lady of J-Rock, that is the legend: Shiina Ringo. Chiaki does a nice job of the song, but I would have loved to have heard Shiina grace this song herself.

Go-Go Yubari has one of those faces which looks really strikingly beautiful in some shots, and really unflattering in others to the point she looks (dare I said it) ugly. But she looked really nice in this. I had no idea she had such a set of legs on her. Go Go-Go!!


  1. I love this girl she has such a unique look yet is so pretty I like how Japan has a lot of famous unique looking people unlike Korea. And the song is good but it sounds a lot Shiina.


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