Music video: Diddy Dirty Money - I hate that you love me

At this rate, every damn song on Last train to Paris will end up a single. Every other single so far has had a pretty good video to go along with it. My guess is that Diddy funded the previous videos, and Dawn and Kalenna were made to fund this shit out of their own pockets. Because the whole thing looks so damn cheap. The most expensive thing in this video had to have been the piano. The diamond cut out transitions were a Final Cut Pro'd out joke. And the dancing is just ragged.

"I hate that you love me" is one of my favourite songs off of Last train to Paris. But it isn't single material. I bet it goes hard in the clubs though, because the bass on this song is pretty damn serious.

Everytime I hear this song, I just think Brandy. But after Brandy revealing how she truly felt about Human and dissing Rodney Jerkins on her reality show A family business, I guess all chances of a Darkchild and Brandy collabo are in the dirt, along with her recent album sales, a couple of Moesha braids and remnants of her and her little brother's careers.


  1. Brandy was wrong to diss Darkchild... maybe it'll be water under the bridge like Ginuwine and Timbaland. Not that they'll work together again. This song is hot.


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