Music video: Jennifer Hudson - Where you at

Jennifer looked great in this video, and not just because of her drastic weight loss; because it's not even something which is shoved in your face here. This was just a case of Anthony Mandler really knowing how to frame Jennifer in the best possible way. I probably won't watch this video again, but I did like it. There are only so many types of videos you can do for songs like these.


  1. It was boring and I wouldn't watch it again. But Jennifer did look great. And damn she looks slammin' at the Oscars!

  2. The video actually made me like the song more, since seeing it yesterday i played it more than i have since it came out combined (like 6 times) lol
    Jennifer looks good but i must be the only one that preffered her with more weight, to me she looks good but a bit haggared and she looked so amazing in the "Spotlight" video.

  3. anybody think she looked a little bit like brandy in some of the shots? she looks like a new woman!

  4. I thought the video was a bit boring, but that's possibly in large part owing to the song also being dull. However, Jennifer indeed looked beautiful. Really gorgeous, actually. I still love her voice, even if the song doesn't do anything for me.


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