Music video: Kanye West featuring Rihanna & too many other names for me to type - All of the lights

The stripped down version of the song at the start of the video was beautiful. And the scene of the little girl walking around the city was precious. Everything else after that was just a epileptic inducing mess of colours and every damn font that's featured in a Word package since 1989. A song so grand in scale just got ghetto stomped by its own video.

Hype Williams' music videos have been horrendous as of late. They all seem geared to the same objective: Have viewers go into an epileptic fit as a result of the spasmic editing and then bore you in the process.


  1. ughh that was fucking terrible. I'm twitching over here lmfao. What was up with that shitty star wars looking font. I enjoyed Rihanna scanking it up in this video...mmmm dem tities LMFAO j/k

  2. This song deserves better! Much better. This is a damn shame. What a crap video for such a great song. This video actually brought the greatness of the song down.

    What the...just...ugh!

  3. A reallyyy bad video. Hype Williams failed BIG TIME!! (low budget as hell)--> the scene where you see rihanna seemed unfinished .... the ONLY scene that was 'correct' for me was when he was standing on the police cars, that's it!!
    Ok, the music is about "all of the lights" , we get it, but is it a reason for us to see lights for more than 2,5minutes on a video?? ..No...The public will get bored and tired, and Lord knows they won't watch it again.
    I understand that he wated to be original (as usual), but being TOO original KILLS the originality!! there's a Billion way he could've been original with that song (one of the best songs of the album by the way)..
    A shame! really!
    -> video of the year? Hell na!!

  4. Flashing lights video > All of the lights video

    Sorry this was shit i expected MUCH more from Kanye especially for this track, if he was just gonna throw this trash together he may as well have just extended the scene from the mini movie and used that because that was amazing and seemed to fit the song so well.
    The only part i liked was the bit at the start with the little girl and damn he even made Rihanna look dusty wtf?! ~_~

    If Kanye wins an award for this i hope Taylor Swift jumps up and snatches it right outta his hand. #FAIL (*Turns #AllOfTheLights Off*)


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