Music video: Lady Gaga - Born this way

I liked the energy Lady Gaga had when she was dancing, because there was a sense of freeness and spontaneity about it. In fact there was a sense of freeness about Lady Gaga in every scene in this video, and as a result I felt she came through as a person you could actually connect with in this video, as opposed to this untouchable figure that she came across us in past music videos. I could be completely wrong, or Lady Gaga is the best of actresses. But I got the sense she wasn't trying to put on as much of an act and showing more of her true self. Despite Lady Gaga opening up more in this video, I still feel it was a crap video. We could have done without the intro, and the video hit a point where it seemed like neither Lady Gaga nor Nick Knight knew what direction they wanted to take the theme or the narrative.

And you know that I have to go and take it there folks. Britney - 2. Lady Gaga - 0


  1. She should have dropped the stupid intro with her talking and it would have been fine. Also, this video is better than "HIAM". At least Gaga isn't a robot with the dance moves of a 5 year old. Yes, it was self indulgent but it was entertaining and she was moving and had energy. The best parts of the video were when she was stripped down (literally). Britney had to, yet again, rely on what somebody else created (the visuals) because she sure as hell didn't make the video.

    Also, her face is pretty bad but it looks like she's been working out or something. Her body was looking damn good.

    Definitely not gaga's best video though, by a long shot.

  2. The intro was the most narcissistic shit I ever heard but was cool. The dancing was good but I still feel she that she counts in her head all the moves where as people like Beyonce and Janet just move. Some parts reminded me of Kylie's All the lovers but I like that Gaga does crazy shit we all are going to talk about.

    The song is still garbage though and I probably will won`t re-watch like I did with Bad Romance.

  3. @ Junlee:
    "Her body was looking damn good."

    If you like a woman who looks malnourished and frail, then: yeah, she looked good.

  4. I wasn't talking about in a sexy or hot way, J. I meant in an "in shape", toned up kind of way. Which is why I said it looked like she had been working out. She's definitely lost some weight.

    And I definitely don't like my women malnourished and frail.

  5. I didn't think Gaga came across as at all personal in this video, and I disagree that she appears 'free' in her movement. I thought this video was extremely indulgent and lacking in coherence or direction. Gaga looked so bizarre that it made me feel uncomfortable. The glazed look in her eyes coupled with all the alien costumes/make up was actually a little disturbing.

    Her dancing, as Anonymous says, looked unnatural. Technically her movement was very sloppy, though it didn't help that the choreography was over-the-top and just generally bad. The more dancing that wasn't choreographed, like when she was just grinding/thrashing/swaying with the tattooed staring man was just laughable.

    I wish I didn't feel so critical of this, because I really enjoyed the songs and videos from The Fame Monster, but this just felt like it was trying too hard to tick all the boxes she thinks her fans put her in (and probably do). The same goes for the song, which I still strongly dislike despite trying to listen five times now.

    I know Lady Gaga is all about the image and personality, and that's cool to me, but she's shown she can make good music too, so I only hope she finds a sense of grounding now and doesn't go crazy with more songs and especially videos of this ilk.

  6. "And you know that I have to go and take it there folks. Britney - 2. Lady Gaga - 0"


    i totally liked the rawness too...the fact that she was stripped down and the dancing didn't look clean and tight, like she just got some friends together to have some fun. the scene with her in the skull makeup in the tux was nice also. her little dance she does in it makes me laugh everytime, she's probably been spazzing like that since she was a child. kinda cute.

  7. Once again, like Taylor Momsen, this one is way too fucking image-conscious to be genuinely shocking. She fails to express her "art" without subjecting us to visions of her yeasty fucking taint.

    Her looks are the only redeeming feature about her. Flesh is all she is. If she really wanted to be shocking, she could put some fucking clothes on instead of forcing her sexuality onto everything.

    I hate how she always pretends that she's the anti-sex symbol. A few weeks ago, she said that her "art" doesn't always have to be sexy on Jay Leno and a while back in an interview said that she bitched about her album cover being "too sexy" to her PR team. I've yet to NOT see her ass, taint, twat, or duct-taped nipples.

  8. PLEASE this video was utter shit, the intro had othing to do with the main part of the vid.
    It was set up like it was gonna be some Aliens taking over the world just for her to break into some regular old dance routine.
    Talking of the dance wtf? the routie was crap, she looks awful just really skinny like a coke head (which she is) and wtf was she dancing in flip flops for? Btw she should never wear flats again they make her legs looks disgusting.
    The only thing i thought was cool was that hot guy with the tattoo's and her with the pink ponytail and tux.
    I also see she stole Willow smith's hair whip, XTina's pussy flip move (from Dirrty) and this crazy bitch even stole the gap from between Madonna's teeth now LMAO

    Sorry even though Britney wasn't on top dance form the HIAM video shat all over this and Britney looked 100% hotter.

  9. I watched this video in Art History class on mute.

    I did get some art references in there but the way it was done was just crap.

    And the gooey stuff coming out and all the other nasty shyt isn't art Gaga.

    That's called human waste.


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