Music video: Namie Amuro featuring A.I & Anna Tsuchiya - Wonder woman

As has continued to be the case with every song of Namie's which has featured in a commercial, the commercial has ended up being a better match for the song and looking 10 times better than the actual music video. This was garbage. Namie's been touring non-stop for the past couple of years and grossing serious Yen. Surely she could have have afforded a better music video than this shit, which looked like it was filmed in some car park in Roppongi. "Wonder woman" is such a hot song, but this video sucked all the hotness out of it with a straw.


  1. -__- 5 minutes of my life I won't get back. The only thing I liked about this video was how hot Namie Amuro looked. I wish I could say the same for ai and Anna Tsuchiya. It's too bad that Anna looked like skeletor in this video and Ai looked like Ms.piggy.

  2. You know I didn't really care for this song at all. No depth, nothing interesting. It just sounds like everything else on the Jpop charts. And it sounds kind of tinny or something lol. The video is terrible. Does she even think about a concept or anything? She looks bored as usual. Don't any of these chicks even think about smiling on occasion?

  3. I would love this song more if AI didn't do that wonder wonder wonder wonder what woman thing after the chorus its just so out of place and I think Anna owned the song since her voice is so unique.

  4. LOL lame ass video again, she'd do better letting her kid direct her video's ffs at least then there might be some imagination involved.
    Song is 4/5 and i love Anna Tsuchiya she is cool and A.I is cool too although i agree with @Anonymous that thing she did was so annoying, i was waiting for her to bust into some hot rap and NOTHING happened ffs... lol

  5. Well, this is a let down, but Namie's videos are so rarely good that I'm hardly surprised. After seeing the commercial my excitement for this song/album was briefly very high, but I'm just not feeling the song now I've heard it in full, and I won't be watching the video again.

    It's not that the song is bad, but it's lacking. Lacking substance, lacking 'oomph'. AI's parts are bland and came to nothing, and I was surprised and a little disappointed by how Anna Tsuchiya didn't have a bigger presence. Anna can come off a lot more powerful than chronically limp Namie (don't get me wrong, I love most of her music regardless), so why didn't she have more effect in this song?


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