Music video: Rihanna - S&M

One of The Forehead's best videos from Loud. Although given how dusty the videos were for "Only Klingon (in the world)" and "What's my name?", it's not saying much. Rihanna looked hot, hot, hawt! But the video itself (whilst fun to watch the once) didn't have much of a lasting appeal.

Controversy is already abound with this video. Networks refuse the air the video before 10pm, and parents are spouting outrage. This video didn't seem that bad to me. In fact, I thought it was rather tame in comparison to what the obvious music video treatment could have been given the song's subject matter. But perhaps I'm used to smut, skankiness and sex being sold like Oyster card top-up's in music videos. The song is also causing a fuss with radio stations, who have vetoed spinning the song until after 7pm. With lyrics such as ♪ Sex in the air, I don't care - I love the smell of it ♪ It's no surprise really.

It's all part of the plan, ya see! And media scrutiny being depicted in the video (did you peep the "Slutty" and "Whore" headlines projected onto the walls during the middle-eight segment?) couldn't make it any more relevant. It's almost as though The Forehead foresaw all this. And she's probably pointing her finger and saying "See!?" Pretty genius in a way. It's just a shame the video is so forgettable. Great song though. I'm all about that hook and that synth line. ♪ Na, na, na c'mowwwwn!!


  1. Like "Ride" did? But that was an accident. Rihanna was really trying. And I was more focused on the headlines that read "Rihanna the goat officially flop" and "Princess of the illuminati". lol But I like this video for what it is.

  2. This video is ok, i love the colours etc and it's fun but like you said it doesn't really make you wanna watch it again.
    This was/is the MEGA hit on the album (even if it's a "Sexy Bitch" rip off) and she shoulda come harder with the video, but well... Melina seems to make boring vids tbh.


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