Music video: Super Junior M - Too perfect

With Han-Geng having sued SM entertainment for paying him to do nothing (because let's face it, he didn't do a DAMN thing as part of Super Junior but smile and back-up dance), he's out. And Sungmin and Eunhyuk are in. By the time Super Junior M drop their next single, we can probably expect another two members from Super Junior to join M. With the lines and differences between the group becoming harder to spot that Sooyoung's leg.

"Too perfect" sounds like a rock version of BoA's "Dangerous" with a bit of "Hurricane Venus". And the music video uses one of the same sets the SNSD-bots used for "Chocolate love", with similar chroeograhy and camera trickery last seen in "Hurricane Venus". I think somebody at SM entertainment really liked "Hurricane Venus".

The director of this music video did not utilize or highlight the guys enough here. Where were the close up's of cute lil' Henry? Why were Siwon and Donghae not slow grinding in white unbuttoned oxford shirts in the rain!? And can somebody tell me when the hell Kyuhyun began to swag with the sexy?!


  1. YES YES and YES all I wanted was some Swion and Donghae bringing the sex. Not not nearly enough Donghae, why they treating him like he's hyoyeon trying to keep him the backgroung and shit.

    And loll i hear you about Kyuhyun I've had my eye on this guy since sorry sorry reply.

  2. SM carbon footprint is probably zero with a the recycling they do... the song, the mv and even the theme have been done by someone in this slavedome before


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