Namie lays down a Checkmate!

The tracklist for Namie's collaborations album has been official released, along with its title: Checkmate!. Namie's first collabo album since her underground and now semi-rare Suite Chic album features all of the collaborations she'd had a part in from 2003 onwards, along with some brand new songs. The roster of talent on this album is nicely varied, and yields some serious surprises.

  • Wonder woman | Namie Amuro featuring A.I & Anna Tsuchiya
  • Make it happen | Namie Amuro featuring After School
  • # 1 | Namie Amuro featuring Kaname Kawabata of Chemistry
  • Unusual | Namie Amuro featuring Tomohisa Yamashita
  • Black out | Verbal featuring Lil' Wayne & Namie Amuro
  • Fake | A.I featuring Namie Amuro
  • Rock U | Shinichi Osawa featuring Namie Amuro
  • Black diamond | Double x Namie Amuro
  • Do what U gotta do | Zeebra featuring A.I, Namie Amuro & Mummy-D
  • Luvotomy | M-Flo ♥ Namie Amuro
  • Do or die | Jhett featuring Namie Amuro
  • After party | Zeebra featuring Namie Amuro
  • Wet 'n wild | Heartsdales featuring Namie Amuro

Lil' Wayne, After school and Tomohisa Yamashita!? I don't think anybody saw those collaborations coming! "Blackout" will serve as Verbal's lead single off of his debut solo album Visionary. After school are due to for a comeback in March, and Yamapi currently has a debut solo album doing the damn thing on the Oricon charts. So the timing of Namie's Checkmate! release will bridge some nice gaps and give a career boost for all who are involved, including Namie herself. And the inclusion of After school and Lil' Wayne could potentially see Namie gain some exposure in Korea and the US. Bish ain't stupid.

The songs "Wonder woman", "Make it happen", "#1" and "Unusual" have already had their music videos shot, all of which will come bundled on a DVD packaged in with the limited edition release of Checkmate!. Namie's music videos have been weak as of late. So I'm not expecting much. The music video for "Wonder woman" is already looking like it'll be a disappointment.


  1. I'm much more concerned about Verbal getting attention from being on "Black out". I always liked his flow; I wanna see how this goes.

  2. i like Anna Tsuchiya but tbh i'm not really buzzed for this album, Namie doesn't seem to have any drive at all and why are all her video's so shit lately?
    Somebody cut this bitches hair it's sapping the life outta her.


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