Single art: Lady Gaga - Born this way

What's up with those veins on the left side of Gaga's head and her funky should blade!? She looks like something out of Species!

I rather like this though. It's quite possibly one of Gaga's tamest and most stripped down single arts to date, which is a huge factor as to what makes it work. It's simple, but it still has that distinct Gaga edge to it. I like the font too. This could easily be an album cover.

The nail files have come out for this woman (again) with comparisons being drawn with Kylie Minogue's "2 hearts" single cover - which features a similar font striking eye make-up. Whilst there are similarities, I don't think there is enough in it to claim Gaga copied Kylie outright. But the haters will not hear it, and will file this under the growing list of #shitgagacopied


  1. It's kind of creepy because of all the...boniness.

    But she's got the sex hair flowin' and it's interesting. The only problem is her nose isn't very flattering at that angle. Although some would say her nose isn't flattering at any angle.

    Her music better be good, though, based on how she's been blowing up this new album.


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