Sneaky snippet: Britney Spears - I wanna go

Max Martin as haul arsed Britney to the 70's slut disco in this teaser for her not-100%-confirmed-but-might-just-be-a follow up to "Hold it against me". Britney dabbled with some disco for Britney's "Anticipating" (my favourite song on that album alongside "I'm slave 4 U"). But where-as that joint was summer time drop top. "I wanna go" is more of an LSD trippin', glitter, grinding, fishnets, booties getting down low glitterballed slut fest.

Listen: I wanna go

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20 seconds is all I need to hear to know that Max Martin has given Britney another hit. Madonna and Kylie can consider their Confessions and Fever wigs respectively snatched.

Max Martin's production is always on the money, so there's no doubt in my mind he's hooked a bitch up beat wise. But Britney? Another story. If she whips her ratty weave back to 1999, when the hair and her vocal game were somewhat acceptable; we could have something explosive here. But of course she won't. Britney's already witnessed from Madgina's set example that robo-voicing your way through songs and sounding as fed up as possible on a jam will still get you the number 1 hits. The key is hooking up with a producer who can whip up a storm in the studio that's so damn wild that everybody falls in love with the jam and just see's you as an asset to the song instead of the focal point of it. Because let's be real. Madgina's "Hung up" and "Sorry" were all about Stuart Price's pin point production and f**k all else.


  1. Britney never had an acceptable vocal game, let's be real now, lol. The quality (if you want to call it that) of her songs has always depended on the producers of the song and everybody else not named Britney. She's just along for the ride and people eat it up.


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