Queen Beyoncé re-recruits her homegirl for her new music video

I'm glad to see that Kelly Rowland knew what time it was and decided to go back as Beyoncé's back-up dancer, just like the old days. Look! Home girl even brought out her Destiny fulfilled wig for the occasion!! Third studio album? Not happening. Beyoncé done shut that release down!

We should have known Beyoncé would be readying her come back the second that video for "Motivation" dropped. As always, Beyoncé times her shit whenever she feels Kelly might have a hit on her hands. Just look at how Beyoncé went and unecessarily shot a video for "Why don't you love me" and dropped it just as it seemed Kelly was set to catch a hit with "Commander". Shoot, it was probably her that went and leaked the video onto TwitVid.


  1. What I want to know is what the hell is she wearing? :0


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