Lady Gaga whips hair to "Judas" on Ellen

Lady Gaga gave her first live performance of "Judas" on Ellen. And as with her Grammy performance of "Born this way", less is more is looking like a bit of a mantra for Lady Gaga with her Born this way era.

Her outfit was simple (it reminded me of Britney during her ...Baby one more time era), the performance was free of theatrics such as crazed piano playing, hanging and bleeding, and was just an affair of her and her back up dancers dancing it out.

I wasn't sure about this performance to begin with. But then I witnessed the breakdown when Lady Gaga started whipping her hair back 'n forth and everybody started migraine skanking. Then I was sold and re-wound the hair whipping several times.

Lady Gaga's moves were looking really loose in places, and you could see a bitch was tired. But in terms of choreography, I think "Judas" features one of the best routines I've seen tied to a Lady Gaga song so far.

Beyoncé has watched this, and has taken note of just how much hair Lady Gaga had on her head. She's already sent Daniel Julez to go hunt her a Yeti so she can have Mama Knowles skin that shit and make her a Tibetan weave. A Tibetan weave with hair so thick and clumped that a chick will have to bench press for a week just to have the shoulder strength to keep it on.


  1. She looked pretty ragged and her hair looked nasty. But it was aight.

    Didn't really make me like the song any more or less.

    Oh and LOL @ migraine skanking!

  2. Eww she looked coked out and haggard. I swear she must have snorted some coke or something before performing. She looked dead in the eyes (I hope a stan doesn't jump down my throat for using that phrase). LMFAOOOO J you're a mess!! Your blogs always make my day!! lol

  3. Is it just me, or does her hair make her look like Stacey Solomon...?

  4. YUCK, now she's jacking Bitney as well as Madonna... this bitch is so basic lol
    He dancing always seems like it COULD be geat but she just doesn't have it, back in the day Bitney would have slayed that but having said that it's sad that Bitney couldn't dance like that now... at least her music is still 5 star shit though, "Judas" is ok but Gaga just isn't doing it fo me anymoe, some of "TFM" songs wee guilty pleasures but none of this era has me hooked, i can count the amount of times i've actually watched the "BTW" video (out of choice) on one hand.


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