Music video: Raina - Dr. feel good

Rania are in a unique position, because their producer is none other than Teddy Riley. No, not Teddy Park of YG entertainment fame. But THE Teddy Riley - notable for his work on Michael Jackson's Dangerous album and the infamous "Breaking news" from that n***a-dead-cash-in album Michael. The dude is a pretty amazing producer, but you'd never guess it from this piece of shit song. I sure hope a Teddy credited The Eurythmics, because the chorus on "Dr. feel good" stank of "Sweet dreams".

The girls look good together and they move nicely. Their opening of legs and slow pussy popping was duely noted. But they are going to have to come with some really strong songs and hot concepts to be seen as anything other than a slightly more slutted out version of After school. And the fact they have Teddy Riley as their producer don't mean shit in Korea neither. In fact, it doesn't mean anything anywhere unless the songs are really good.


  1. the song sucked...yes

    but I do like their concept and how they are being sexy from the get go

    After School has died in my books since they haven't done a song nearly as sexy as AH!! and spawned Orange Caramel (their new song is pretty good though)

  2. Well we all know a song doesn't have to sound good to sell in Korea. All the music in Korea sounds the same anyway. I thought the same exact thing regarding the song having the SAME EXACT melody as Sweet Dreams. The Eurythmics need to sue Ted Riley.


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