A quick look at J.Ho's music video for "I'm into you"

You don't even need to ask who produced this shit. It sounds like Stargate and smells like the in-between of Rihanna's legs, so of course the Norwegian kings of recycling knocked this shit up. The whole of Love? pretty much sounds like other bitches good left overs, which means Jennifer Hopelez is back to business!

Jennifer looks hot in this video. Almost too hot to the point where her male eye candy barely even registers. I'm hoping Lil' Wayne doesn't make an appearance in this. That n***a mess would only kill the beauty of this video.

J.Ho looks as though she may be giving me everything I did not get in that mess of a "On the floor" video. She best pop her pussy in that temple and lose pieces of that weave like it didn't cost home girl thousands of dollars to get it tracked.


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