Sky Ferreira covers Wonderland magazine

Sky Ferreira's scored quite a few fashion shoot gigs despite not having a hit yet. I hope her career doesn't go completely the way of Cassie's, because Sky actually has the talent to be a pop star without sucking dicks.

Sky's mini album As if! had enough going on for it for me to sit in the wings and wait on that full length album. Shit, I was waiting in the wings from "One"! If you've not heard As if! yet, then you need to. "Traces" is some dark, bass warbled out crack. And "99 tears" is pop perfection! If you don't find either of these songs the slightest bit hot, then you need to be poked in the eye with Victoria Beckham's shoulder blade.


  1. I never really check for this girl, i always skip past her but i decided to give her a check(not Cheque) after reading your discription of "Traces" so i listened to that and it's everything you described and more, i love it :D

    "99 tears" is good too.


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