Bonus material [Fan made remix]: Beyoncé - Best thing I never had (AfriqueDeluxe remix)

Beyoncé - Best thing I never had (AfriqueDeluxe remix) | Remix

Beyonce's "Best thing I never had" is a great pop record, and I feel as though I'm one of the few people who thinks so - even in lieu of the comparisons to that hit she had which went something like ♪ To da left, to da left ♪. But it may sound a little too close for "Irreplaceable"'s comfort for some. This is the remix. And if I had my arse a Jeep, it would pump this new remix.

Listen: Best thing I never had (AfriqueDeluxe remix)

© 2011 Columbia records, Sony BMG music entertainment / AfriqueDeluxe

The original was all I'mma throw all of your shit on the front lawn and cut up your suits. The remix is more Yeah, you cheated on me. But I'mma still pop my pussy in this club like my heart ain't been broke. I love it!

The first artist who came to mind when I listened to this remix was Crystal Kay. The production style and colour of the music is just CK down to the f**king ground! A big part of why I love it.

I can envision UK radio being all over this for the Summer and spinning it more than the original, because this version of the song is so funky, Summer drop-top and club ready. Great production. Amazing remix! If you stan for it how I so, be sure to check out AfriqueDeluxe's YouTube channel and stalk him on Twitter.


  1. Maybe it's just me but I think she looks slightly like Rihanna in that picture.

  2. It might just be and them dodgy eyes ;)

    I'm not seeing it myself. Now, Beyoncé's latest shoot for Dazed and confused magazine on the other hand? Straight up Rihanna jacking. Go Google 'em. ♪ Oh-na-naaaaaaaaaa! ♪


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