2NE1 rehearse their "I am the best" routine. Bom levels up her swag.

This was better than that boring as hell music video. I cannot STAND this song, but I know once 2NE1 start performing this live that it's going to grow on me - because that routine was doing it for me every which way.

I had no idea Bom could move. She was putting in some swag into her shit that I've never seen her put down before. She was even out-shining CL at times. If Bom wasn't confined to a tight mini skirt and high heels during every live performance, then things would look real different on stage during 2NE1's live performances. Well...they actually wouldn't. Because CL and Minzy will outswag Bom every day of the week and keep that bitch two-stepping in the background with Dara whilst they get their shine up front.

Minzy just continues to be the flyest female mover in the K-Pop game right now. She just makes every move look so effortless and easy. I'm still sprung by how she used to drop and do the splits in heels during performances of "Fire". The only entity in K-Pop who could go toe-to-toe with her would be Jo Kwon.


  1. haha Damn Cl was trashing that weave!! lol Minzy moves the best out of all of them IMO, funny because she's the youngest! She puts the rest of them to shame, and did I see the dougie in the choreo?? lol

  2. So much swag, I'm still blinded by the way she dropped to the floor during the MV


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