The 4.0's (formerly known as "Sugababes") perform their new single "Freedom"

Sugababes - Freedom @ T4 on the beach

The 4.0's (don't call these frauds Sugababes. They have now lost that right) premiered a debut performance of their lead single "Freedom" from their 8th studio album.

The crowd were absolutely dead and seemed not to care one way or the other; pretty much echoing how I feel about the song and the 4.0's in general.

"Freedom" sounds much more Sugababesey than "Get sexy" did. But it's still not of that next level pop caliber you're used to hearing from the group formerly known as the Sugababes as a lead single. When I think about "Overload", "Freak like me", "Round, round", "Hole in the head" and "Push the button" - and then I listen to this crap, a part of me dies inside. Even The Saturdays are dropping better singles than this garbage.

I'm not buying this whole empowerment crap with this song neither. Beyoncé sold me feminism better with "Run the world (Girls)", and that song is absolute trash.

I will download the 4.0's upcoming album to hear how it sounds. But I won't buy it for shit unless it's on a level with Taller in more ways. Keisha had been roll out with her new single and shut these bitches down. And Mutya needs to stop looking a ghetto ham and do something about her music career.


  1. I first heard this song via the nokia ad and it did not win me over at all. Listening to it in full and live, still nothing to me.

    I'm not normally the type of person to say this but...I really hope that this is the last album. Just hearing the name 'Sugababes' now just makes me frown.

  2. I was hoping it would have been a wrap after Sour 7. But these girls are. Ruining the once un-tainted name of the Sugababes.

    It's getting to the point where the group's musical faux pas and commercial falls from grace are completely overshadowing how cutting edge the Sugababes' music used to be.

    These frauds are so far removed from the sound and vibe which made 'Sugababes' THE 'Sugababes', that they really are in no fit state to carry on using that group name.

    I'm just waiting to hear what Keisha brings to the table with her solo effort.

  3. I like "Freedom" it's better than anything on "S7" except maybe "About a girl" but if i could pick between 2.0 or 4.0 obviously 2.0 will win everytime, but look, when did Heidi get such a hot ass???

    P.S Remember Makosi of Big Brother? she tweeted a pic of her and Mutya chillin and i tweeted her and asked if Mutya was workin on new music and she tweeted back and said she is :D


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