Ayumi Hamasaki's "Progress" in the Tales of Xillia commercial

You'd be hard pressed to find a product in Japan which has not had Ayumi Hamasaki tied to it. This woman endorses everything from soft drinks, to cars, to video games. When is this bitch NOT making money? Never is the answer. Ayu keeps those cheques rolling in like thunder. Her husband had better make the most of this high Yen lifestyle. Because he probably won't me Mr. Ayumi Hamasaki for long. Just watch how Ayu Elizabeth Taylor's him with quickness.

Check out her soon-to-be-a-single-which-will-probably-get-triple-A-sided-in-a-few-months "Progress". It's pretty much your typical thrashed out, rock ballad style Ayu joint. So if you've never heard this song before, then chances are you have.

I've lost count of how many Tales games there have been. Especially when half of them take forever to get a release outside of Japan. And by the time they do, a new one is already out over there.


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