Beyoncé whores her vagina for MTV, in Year of 4

Just as Britney let MTV whore her out in a documentary to coincide with the release of her Femme fatale album, Beyoncé will be doing the same. From the looks of things, this will be just as insightful as Britney's shit was. Which means, you'll wonder why you wasted your time watching it.

Nothing Beyoncé says is even remotely engaging. Even when she speaks her clearly scripted lines, you just think to yourself "This bitch is taking forever to just get the simplest point across". When Beyoncé just talks her stupid shit, she's really rather warm and funny. She was a hoot in Destiny's child's MTV diary when she was talking about cereal and how your cheek flaps in the wind on a roller-coaster. I miss that ho.

I think it's cool MTV are doing this little documentaries again. I used to love Making the video, Diary and all that good shit. Whatever happened to those!?


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