Beyoncé's super scripted MTV documentary "Year of 4"

Beyoncé - Year of 4 | MTV documentary

Beyoncé's Year of 4 gives us an insight into what went on behind the creative process of the album. Say what you will about this hussy, but she works steal them songs.

There are very few women in the game right now who puts in as much as this chick does. Very few. And it seems to have paid off. Because despite 4 looking like it was going to tank under the dead weight of "Run the world (Girls)" and the album leaking a full 3 weeks before it's official release -  she's managed to go number one on the Billboard album charts, number one on the UK albums charts and 13 other countries. If she keeps on, then she could manage to make a hit out of "Best thing I never had" too. Although bitch could have had a hit from the start if she'd just gone with "End of time".

Peep Beyoncé trying to convince us that she's just normal folk working a job and shit, in her MTV documentary (with the credits citing her as a director and producer). It manages to make "Run the world (Girls)" somewhat likable. It's a shame she didn't drop this sooner.

When the Columbia dude said "This is an absolute bar raising record. This doesn't sound like anything", somebody should have just YouTubed Major Lazer's "Pon di floor" on their iPhone and held it up to play on loudspeaker. And then thrown a copy of Brandy's Afrodisiac on the table. 4 aight. But let's not act like that shit can cure cancer, kill Chuck Norris and is a magnum opus.

I also loved how Tofu Tofu had NO idea who Beyoncé was. They must have no damn radio or TV up in that remote African village. I love it! Those dudes were just there for the ride. They didn't care how big or famous Beyoncé. They only cared for the passion of what they do. "My English bad. But my will is good". And with that, Mr. Tofu Tofu spoke more sense and came out with something more profound than Beyoncé had tried to in the space of that whole documentary. Love that n***a.

This documentary as cool to watch though. It was nice seeing Beyoncé pretend to play boss and see her looking a hot curly haired mess behind the scenes. This shit makes me miss MTV's diary's and Making the videos. I used to love watching those.


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