Bonus material [4 Japanese bonus track]: Beyoncé - Dreaming

Beyoncé - Dreaming | Bonus tracks

The Japanese bonus track for Beyoncé's album 4 (formerly titled 4lop) is graced by the very same pen game of the man behind "Best thing I never had" - Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Where-as "Best thing I never had wafted of "Irreplaceable", "Dreaming" smells a little bit like "Halo" with a tad bit of the pre-crack breath of Whitney. It's a nice song, but nothing great or worth importing the Japanese version for.

Listen: Dreaming

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Beyoncé would rather die young than be without her man. And would rather be in a coma than wake up without him. Is anybody else finding these song themes morbid, or is it just me? She may as well have called her album I'm dead inside without my n***a. Because half of the songs on it pretty much allude to that notion. If Jay-Z is messing with a bitches head, then he needs to stop. It almost caused her album to flop.


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