Brandy speaks on her past failures, new beginnings and last chances

Word of a new Brandy album has been rife for a good while. She started working on new material not long after Human released. But B-Rocka fans know how this chick rolls with recording new albums. She takes for-f**king-ever to record them. But after a quiet period, it seems the ball truly is rolling on this project. The video below insinuates that we may be getting documentation of Brandy working on this album and juggling her life as a mother and a recording artist. She's probably hoping for that same breakout level of success Monica saw with Still standing by going this route, but time will tell. Check out Brandy being frank about where she stands with her career.

I love this woman's music. Her songs litter 90% of the playlists on my iPod. And she has not dropped one bad album. But the problem with Brandy is that she always seems to put down her albums for one reason or another. Full moon's failure was because of her husband, Afrodisiac was because Rodney Jerkins wasn't involved. Human was because she didn't feel Rodney Jerkins gave her enough. Brandy's always got excuses and stories. She needs to just make good music and get behind it with promotional actives and performances. Every album she's done has been solid and worthy of being a hit but SHE herself never seems to get behind it or care enough to promote it, despite giving 100% to the music itself.

I'm not trying to hear Brandy's sob stories. I just need solid music and for her to be getting behind it. She also needs to find herself a good wig and f**king stick with it. Them braids gots to go. Braids can't blow when they're caught in the trajectory of a wind machine on the set of a music video. Bitch needs to leave those back in 1996 with the first series of Moesha.


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