Ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan delivers her first live solo set

Keisha Buchanan @ Jacques townhouse | Live performance

It's been a good while since Keisha was served her P45 and kicked out of the Sugababes. But timing seems ripe for the former (but eternal in heart) Sugababe to step out on her own and show those 4.0 bitches how to roll.

Keisha appeared at Jacques' townhouse where she delivered her first ever solo set, consisting of new material, covers and a couple of gems which should make some Sugababes fans grin.

The ex-Sugababe had shared that the whole sacking mess had left her a bit broken, and her confidence shattered. From the looks and sounds of this set, homegirl had that super glue and pick-up game on top form. Because there was nothing broken or cofidence lacking here!

Push the button / Overload | Sugababes classics

Carried away


Beautiful mess

Rolling in the deep | Adele cover

Girls just wanna have fun / Run the world (Girls) | Cyndi Lauper and Beyoncé covers

The 4.0's don't have the Sugababes sound, because from the sounds of things, Keisha took it with her when she got heave ho'd out of the group.

It's difficult to know which direction she's truly gone in with her solo material - because these acoustic version only reveal so much. We already have an idea of how "Fearless" will sound in finalized form and we dig it! But it'll be interesting to hear the finalized versions of the rest. That is of course if any of these songs make the final track list.

Vocally Keisha's sounding as though she'll more than be able to hold her own solo wise. She didn't sound perfect every step of the way. But even when performing live alongside Siobhan, Mutya, Heidi and that tramp Amelle; she was patchy live - sometimes sounding fantastic and then sounding iffy in places. But undoubtedly everything will be consistently pitch perfect on the album. And you can hear that she can sing and has quite the voice on her. Something Sugababe fans began to realize from Angels with dirty faces onwards.

Hearing Keisha perform a couple of Sugababes classics was a nice reminder of the hey day when Sugababes were the premier UK girl group who set the trends for other bitches to try and imitate. It provided a nice varation from the original versions of the songs, as Keisha was singing all parts herself. "Overload" in particular was a complete shift from th eoriginal we all know and love, because Keisha had the smallest part on that song; with Siobhan and Mutya pretty much dominating the song between them.

As for her mash-up of girl anthems - I didn't hate her cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic. She sounded bloody great on it at times. But I won't speak of whats he did to Beyoncé's flop song. The original was rubbish. And Keisha made it...mo' rubbish. She'd best not do that ever again. Otherwise I will wish a career decline on a ho. And I don't care how much amount of deserved shade she throws at the 4.0's by replacing a lyric of the song. I admire Keisha's bravery for her cover for Adele's "Rolling in the deep". Because that is not a song just anybody can cover and she did a nice job of it. Go Keisha!!

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  1. Good for her, I hope you does well. I loved the acoustic version of Overload - always been one of my favourite songs from the Sugababes.

  2. "Overload" is timeless. No matter how many times I hear it, it still sounds fresh to me.

  3. Keisha did good and she looks great :D

    "Overload" is amazing, still remember being a kid and we were all obsessed with it lmao

    Any of you guys heard Siobhan Donaghy's album "Ghosts"??? it's AMAZING.


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