Hyuna makes her "Bubble pop" on Music core

The lead "4 minute slut" hit up Music core for her comeback stage. It wasn't much of a surprise and Hyuna showed us nothing we've not seen from her and half of South Korea's pop acts before. You always know what you're going to get with Hyuna. She will pussy pop. Booty pop. And at some point in the performance she will drop down to her knees, do some shit on the floor and than get lifted by 2 guys. Of course, all of the above happened and not much else. And Hyuna seemed conflicted as to whether she wanted to come off as cute, sexy or just a tramp.

I could get down with that "Addiction" performance. The song sounds like a loud hot mess. But Hyuna was working the denim cut off's and the heels. This is the Hyuna I like. Swagged out and knowing what she wants. But as soon she she started working "Bubble pop" this comeback stage went downhill for me. I hate the song. I hate her voice on it. I hate the unashamed rip off of the breakdown from Britney's "Hold it against me". I hate that Hyuna kept trying to be cute, when she really wanted to just be a skank. And what the f**k kind of Granny shoes did she have on? And with Hufflepuff house socks as well!? Bye.


  1. sorry..but i hate hyuna..she is slut..she can't really song!i hate her dance.it's not match 2 her age.she should act proper!


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