Jo Kwoncé stays slaying

2AM's Jo Kwon hit the set for film a commercial for Ppusyeo Ppusyeo noodles. Most celebs would just hold the noodle packet in their hands and pull faces at the camera. But not Jo Kwon, he sexes up the noodles packet, starts shaking his man cleavage and then proceeds to start working open legs, booty and J-setting.

When ever Jo Kwoncé starts to bust a move, it's pretty much a neon sign for every bitch in the game to sit the f**k down. This guy is wasted being in a ballad group. Well and truly. He needs to be thrown into a sub unit with Hyuna and Minzy. Could you imagine the sheer amount of pussy and penis poppin' that would take place on Inkigayo between these three? Dear Lawd. Sanitary towel sales would spike.

Sio. You know I love you for this.


  1. O.0 I just cant stop watching this dude POP.. He puts the stank on them hoes that attemp to p.pop ther the happy meals ..
    Ganna get me sum pot noodles jo :)

  2. Jo kwon's comes hard, them leg muscles!
    You know I got you when it comes to this swaggerific man beast.Don't matter what mood your in Jo kwon will see you right

  3. Jo Kwon has a nice ass... and after sex he could cook me noodles XD #Work


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