Kumi premieres a live performance of "Poppin' love cocktail"

Kumi Koda performs 'Ai no uta' and 'Poppin' love cocktail' @ Ongaku no hi | Live performance

My favourite J-tramp Kumi Koda came out of hiding from her forest hut made from walls of press on nails and a roof of weaves to perform something old, something new, and something for her to jump around on stage to until her vagina turned blue.

Kumi Koda threw it back with a performance of "Ai no uta", before giving her debut performance of one of the 4 times singles "Poppin' love cocktail". The song is surprisingly tame despite its title and Kumi even wore full length bottoms and kept her legs closed for the performance. I'm pretty shocked. It still didn't stop the women in the crowd looking at her and silently judging how much of a tramp she is though.

Kumi and that snaggletoothed man can take their "Poppin' love cocktail" and pour it down a sink. The song is rubbish. It's like "Lick me ♥" fused with a bit of "Inside fishbowl" - only nowhere near as good as either of those songs. I do love the Engrish though. Kumi has managed to out do herself. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better than ♪ Bwing-a-wing-a-wing. A-wing-a-wing-wing ♪ and ♪ I dodge a bully, bully ♪ and ♪ Pop, pop, pop deeba! ♪ We get ♪ It looks like horny ♪ and ♪ Bedda watch I gon' scratch you! ♪ Amazing. I'll probably like this song if Kumi Koda acts enough of a tramp in the music video.

It's a good thing she came with that performance of "Ai no uta". It gave Kumi some class and showed she has good songs in the bag and can sing the hell out of them live too. For how patchy this woman's discography and fashion sense is - she always sounds good live and brings a real sense of presence to the stage. Dare I say it, she nails more of her songs live from a vocal standpoint than Hikaru Utada does.


  1. How dare you put your wife down like that! You should be more respectful.

    Naw, but I love Kumi now. She's gotten sluttier and classier at the same time. I think she's finally found the balance Britney did (in 2003) between switching from elegant ballads to sexed up coochie poppers (Poppin love cocktail NOT being one of those, but you get what I mean).

  2. Who is that jersey shore wannabe! He needs to siddown with that getup, and kumi needs to shove poppin love coktail back up her 18 mile long vagina where she pulled it out of.

  3. LOL i wish Kumi would ditch the "Kawai" tracks like this "Lick me" etc and just stick to urban, pop like "Taboo" and ballads.
    She hasn't had an album with a cohesive sound since "Kingdom" or maybe "Trick", "Universe" and the last one are too mish mash although there are some great tracks, i dunno how "No way" wasn't released as a single from "Universe" that song is AMAZING.

    As for this shit i dunno... i don't like this song but "Ko so Jo so" is good.

    P.S YES she is a great live performer but i always feel like she sometimes just phones it in on TV shows, when you see her kickin ass during her arena shows you're like... you wern't doin that on TV girl. lol


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